About the Club

The Cycle Conservation Club of Vermont is a membership organization made up of recreational motorcyclists who have come together to ensure the preservation and development of recreational off-road trail riding opportunities in Vermont.

Our members recognize and value motorcycle trail riding as both a historical land use activity as well as a contemporary family activity, deserving of legal opportunity and standing.

Our members believe that through adequate and equal opportunity, combined with proper management techniques, any and all environmental or social concerns can be mitigated and managed.

The idea of “access through responsible use” has been demonstrated in many other states throughout the country, as well as here in Vermont with other forms of motorized recreation, such as snowmobiling.

The CCC of VT, through organizational development, rider education, land owner and government relations and sound land use practices provides recreational opportunities for riders and their families. In addition we have become a forum for off-road enthusiasts to protect and improve the sport.

The CCC of VT is a non-profit 501(c)3, which develops, promotes and manages responsible trail-based, non-competitive family recreation.