Green Mountain Ramble ride cancelled (Aug 13th ride, working on alternative)

We regrettably are cancelling/postponing the Green Mountain Ramble due to conditions scheduled for Sunday August 13th.

We’ve had significant rainfall this year, especially some doozies in early July that wiped out bridges and created major erosion not far from the likes of Irene.  I know in greater Randolph/Braintree area all the VAST bridges in the valley were affected.  Since this ride traverses multiple landowners private land we need to be especially sensitive to their requests and responsible regarding the environment.

On a similar note there was some damage to a Class IV road in the Brookfield/Chelsea area and we are in the process or coordinating fixing this area.   This has been a wet summer, I think I’ve only been out on my bike 4 times so far and I think our sister VT club has only had a couple of Thursday night rides to date.  Frustrating…

Don’t despair, we have some of our seasoned club officers working on a new ride, this one will most likely be a big-bike adventure ride out of Waterbury VT area so stay tuned







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