No meetings for foreseeable future

Hope everyone is staying warm and with wind chills -25 to -45 today it’s hard to think about dirtbiking.  Believe it or not the days are getting longer and before we know it it will be riding season again.  Not all is lost as I know many of you have studded up tires to play on the ice or woods ride.

We’re working through some logistics issue at the moment and experienced a trifecta of challenges.  Half of our officers volunteered for FEMA and are in Texas, our Threasurer Wayne busses students to games plus our meeting location was sold so we’re homeless for the moment.

We’ll soon be putting together our 2018 schedule and again if anyone wants to step up take over a ride or put together a ride or help with our Learn to Ride events please let us know.  Once we sort out a meeting location and timing we’ll get the word out, until then stay warm my friends!


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