CCC Big Bike Ride Sunday September 30th – Johnson VT

September 30th out of the Landmark Tavern Rt15 Johnson . There will be a GPS track available at the start for those who don’t want to to do a follow the leader ride. 110 miles of ostly dirt roads with some great views and covered bridges and should have some good color by then.

Signup 8:30-9:30
Rider’s meeting at 9:45
Last bike out 10:00
Trail Boss: Wayne Longe
Bike: Adventure Bikes big and small, off-road tires recommended.

Northern VT/NEK Ride Sunday August 26th

Trail boss Wayne Longe has a ride lined up out of Johnson, this will make the 5th CCC dualsport ride in less than 2 months. Start/Finish will be at the traditional Landmark Tavern just south of the village on route 15. Remember to keep the entrance clear to the storage units and as always road-legal quiet bikes only please. Ride includes both route-sheet and GPS.

Note: We strongly recommend everyone to use/load route-sheets as we’ve had folks ride the last few rides in reverse direction; (not good) or get confused when routes overlap a section of the route. Plan on about 115mi with gas mid-way.

Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page as we get closer should we experience adverse weather. Remember to bring your membership card at sign-up. This is a “dual sport” ride, recommendation is smaller single-cylinder bike.

Start/Finish – Landmark Tavern, route 15 just south of Johnson village
Date/Time – 8:00-9:00a.m. signup, riders meeting 9:15, last bike out 9:30a.m.

2-day Brookline/Newfane ride Aug 11th and 12th

Pretty sure this will be the 10th Annual Brookline ride put on by our southern VT friends.  This year will include an all new big bike ride Saturday followed by traditional BBQ Saturday evening with local corn on the cobb, campfire and primitive camping. Assuming history repeats itself Herbie will likely have his famous pancakes. Please RSVP to the facebook poll so we can make food plans.

Saturday’s ride while considered for “big bikes” with the recent heavy rains and washouts recommendation is 650CC or smaller bike unless you’re an “A” rider or don’t mind buying parts for those big bikes. CCC Saturday Newfane ride signup 9:30-10:30 rider’s meeting 10:30 last bike out 11:00. GPS track only no route sheets.

Sunday’s ride is traditional CCC dualsport “smallbike” ride. This is a routesheet only ride as it stands now. Signup 8-9am.

This is a very sensitive area so no loud bikes and no race numbers please. Details and driving directions will be emailed shortly. As always keep an eye on our website and email as we get closer to the ride should mother nature intervene.

Ride Schedule:
Aug 11th: Brookline/Newfane Big-bike ride
Aug 12th: Brookline/Newfane dualsport ride
Aug 26th: Johnson dualsport ride – Landmark Tavern in Johnson
Sept 15h: BigSky ride – Waterbury Big bike ride

We also want to thank all those that participated and donated on the 2nd Annual Thunder Mountain ride. We had about 40 riders, raised over $300 for Bethel VT Fire & Rescue and had perfect conditions. It was all smiles and stories at the end of the day and even our equestrian friends were impressed how polite our riders were. Great job everyone and hope you’re enjoying the rides…

Next up, 2nd Annual Thunder Mtn ride Sunday July 29th

On the heels of our largest ever CCC ride; (over 70 riders) we have another; (3rd) CCC ride in July.  Did some re-routing last Wednesday; (closed roads in Sharon) and Saturday rode the new route start to finish.  We were able to add a new 2-track section we haven’t used before and I significantly changed the last 20 miles so we no-longer go to Randolph and finish with a 4.5 Class IV over Braintree Gap back to my place.

Loop is about 105 miles long with gas/food stop at ~58 miles in Barnard and gas/food option in Pittsfield ~80 into the ride.  In the spirit of the KISS principle (keep it simple …) only providing 1 route/loop as it’s too difficult to sweep ride to Plymouth.  Conditions have been dry/dusty; however, this week’s unsettled weather will surely be changing things.  Recommended method of navigation is traditional route sheet and I will be providing GPS routes the day of the ride and for those using smartphones will be uploaded on Rever in the Cycle Conservation Club of Vermont Community.   Single-cylinder 650cc or smaller bike recommended with good off-road tires and with this week’s rain knobbies like good idea.

Weather report looks perfect for Sunday.  Ride is rain or shine unless we experience flooding/washouts this week or conditions change.

Thunder Mountain 2nd Annual Sunday July 29th; (Weather/conditions dependent)

Date: Sunday July 29th
Time: Waiver/sign-in 8-9a.m.
Location: 50 Fowler Rd, Braintree VT 05060
Riders meeting: 9:00 a.m. Last bike out 10:00 a.m.
Routesheet and/or GPS
Recommended bike; 650CC or smaller single-cylinder with knobbies or hybrid tire.

Primitive camping allowed, no loud bikes.  OK to show up mid/late Saturday afternoon, will be having a campfile.  BYO chair, food, beverages.
Keep eye on website/facebook/email should or unsettled weather raise havoc with our plans.  I’ll be sending an email later today and will include my contact information.  Please RSVP if you’re planning on camping overnight to my email/facebook invite.



Next up, Lucky’s Washington Ride Sunday July 15th

Block your calendar for this “must-do” ride.  Ken and Sue went all out on a new loop.  Those that can make it are in for a sweet ride through central VT with plenty of off-road content.  Loop is ~103 miles (50miles to gas) starting from Lucky’s Trailer Sales in So Royalton just off I89 (exit 3) and loop north up through Washington, Corinth and Vershire.  This is a dual-sport only ride with 500cc or smaller bikes recommended with good knobbies.

Ride Details:
1st 20 miles and the last 20 miles are the same ride as the previous Lucky’s North ride. 30 miles of the old Lucky’s North backwards with over 30 miles of all new content.  Gas is about halfway into the ride at ~51 miles.  For seasoned riders this will be a treat and nothing is overly difficult.  For novice riders or those that ride bigger bikes; (650’s) there are a couple of rocky downhills that will “peak your interest”.  This is not a big bike friendly loop and even those on 650’s will wish they had a smaller bike.  Good knobbies are highly recommended.  The overall loop is very dry with not many puddles or mud.

Route sheet is the preferred method of navigation as there are many hazards and horse farms we’ve identified that you won’t know about using a GPS.  We will offer Garmin compatible GPS loops and hope to get this loaded into Rever.  Only quiet road legal bikes allowed; (no race numbers) and remember to dress for the crash. Remember to bring your membership card for sign-in.

Date: Sunday July 15th (weather permitting)
Time: 8-9 checkin, riders meeting, last bike out 9:15 a.m.
Location: Lucky’s Trailer Sales (building closest to I89 ramp exit 3) So Royalton, VT
Distance: ~103mi
Gas: ~51mi (Roberts Store in Washington) ~53mi back to Finish
Food: East Randolph Store, Roberts Store/Washington


CCC Meeting Tuesday July 10th -Mitchell Motorsports, Jeffersonville VT 6:30 p.m.

Location change for CCC meeting, we’re going to meet in Jeffersonville at Mitchell Motorsports on Sand Hill Dr instead of the former Bolton location since the shop was sold.  This month we’ll be discussing upcoming rides and issues associated with our Class IV roads and Legal Trails.


CCC Johnson/Sheffield Ride on for Sunday July 1st

Just wanted to let everyone know we’re good to go for this Sunday’s ride.  Weather looks to be warm and dry, well dang hot, so we’ll need to keep moving an create your own A/C.  Please bring your membership cards for sign-up ease and if you’re not current or new best to register online; however, we can handle memberships in person.  Any person who recently registered we usually hold off mailing membership packages until after the ride as we try to hand deliver is possible.

Make sure your hydration pack is ready and not with last year’s pond scum.  Due to the heat advisory we want to get an early start so last bike out 9:15, sweep riders will be out 9:30am.  Riders meeting 8:45 or sooner if we have a descent quorum.  Again, dress for the crash, not the rash.  Quiet road legal bikes only please.

Sunday’s Johnson ride postponed

We are reluctantly postponing our dualsport ride this Sunday due to inclement weather.  With 70% rain from 11am on and potentially severe T-storms it doesn’t sound like fun. We have been closely monitoring the weather and pinging our patrons, many have bailed regardless of having the ride and recently we discovered some of the towns have been grading their dirt roads this week and putting calcium chloride down.

It’s no fun to ride in the rain and we have a very active calendar ahead.  If someone is traveling from afar and has their heart set on riding feel free to contact me directly.  Last year we had to repair a class IV road; (by hand) after a soggy ride so in the spirit of being responsible riders we’re postponing.

Tentative rain date is July 1st, still working out the details.

Reminder – Johnson/Hardwick/Sheffield DS ride June 24th – Weather Permitting

After weeks of dry weather seems like mother nature may not be cooperating with us this weekend.  While a passing shower is OK if it looks to be a soaker we’ll postpone the ride.

No one likes to ride in the rain and in the spirit of being good stewards to the land and trails we’ll postpone if it’s bad.  Keep a close eye on this site and your email and we’ll make the final decision Saturday so stay tuned .

1st 2018 CCC Dualsport Ride June 24th, Johnson VT

We had to modify our schedule for a variety of reasons so without further ado here is the revised CCC ride schedule.  Due to scheduling conflicts we needed to move the Johnson ride ahead a week so instead of July 1st it’s now June 24th.  This allowed us to open up the schedule so we now have 4 rides spaced apart every 2-3 weeks.   We’re hoping to add more content for fall plus allows for some flexibility for a rain date.

Johnson/Sheffield Ride: ~122 miles

Ride is route-sheeted and includes GPS & Rever/GPS out of the former Long Trail Tavern, however, we haven’t secured parking at that location so we’re working on a couple locations including Mitchel Motorsports which is just a couple miles down the road.

We’ll update the Google calendar event with start location and more details once finalized.

  • When:  June 24th:  checkin 8am, riders meeting 8:45, last bike out 9:30am
  • Where: Johnson, VT, route-sheeted from the Long Trail, start location likely Mitchel Motorsports
  • Trail Boss:  Dick/Ruthanne/Kyle  (email:
  • Requirements:  CCC membership/card, road-legal bike and gear; (dress for the crash, not the rash)
  • The June 24th ride may also include a big-bike ride also so stay tuned

CCC 2018 Ride Schedule:

  • June 24th – Johson/Sheffield loop   (Trail Bosses:  Dick, Ruthanne and Kyle; haven’t been a club ride since 2013)
  • July 15th –  Lucky’s North   (Trail Boss: Ken Robins – New loop with content from the Ammo)
  • July 29nd – Thunder Mtn   (Ron’s 2nd annual, primitive camping, likely some minor route improvements)
  • August 11/12th – Newfane  (Trail Bosses: Skip/Travis/Herbie)
  • Sept 15th  –   Northside Big Bike Ride/Waterbury VT   (Trail Boss: Ken Bassett, joint ride with BMW club)