Rider Rules

  1. Obey the local and state laws,  Speed limit on all dirt roads is 35 MPH unless otherwise noted
  2. Ride respectfully on dirt and paved road: no roosting, wheelies, and stay “off the pipe”
  3. Immediately stop if you meet someone on a horse, shut off engine and remove helmet if possible
  4. Slow past homes, camps, kids and animals
  5. Dress for the crash, not the ride
  6. Quiet bikes only.  Most original exhaust systems are fine, be very careful with any aftermarket exhaust, even the “Q” quiet systems are not all quiet and have a “bark”.
  7. Stay on course.  Avoid the temptation gravel/sandpits pits or other detours.  Save your off-course riding for another day and time.  We are under the microscope with our rides
  8. Only quiet road-legal bikes please!
  9. If confronted by neighboring landowner keep your cool, even if we have the “right of way”.
  10. If traveling in groups, watch out for each other and stay together.  Best practice; after each intersection. Make sure the rider behind you is still on the route.
  11. Have fun, the future of these rides depends on everyone’s good behavior.