The CCC of VT schedules several dual-sport rides each year. These are rides on public right-of-ways, and are for legal, street registered off-road motorcycles. Most rides are free of charge to CCC of VT members, and a route sheet is provided.

Our route sheeted rides run the range of easy to “a little more difficult.” Ability, skill and motorcycle preparation are often the deciding factor. All rides include a check in and a sound test to ensure that you, and we by extension, are within compliance standards. This will ensure he continued ability of the CCC of VT to be well received in the many towns we visit each year. So please remember that less sound = more ground!

In the future all rides will be rated with a scale of 1-10 in difficulty. We offer an adventure ride for the new off-road rider and a GS ride with a little more off road. We also offer four dual-sport rides starting out in Johnson, VT and one ride that starts in Canada and goes to the Massachusetts border. We also have a 224-mile 2-day ride for those looking for more of a challenge and this is just the beginning! Our future plans include some of the former the Red Fox turkey run in southern Vermont, Additional route sheeted rides and some private land riding areas for families, too.

If you would like to join us for a ride then join the club and make new friends, tell great tales of conquest, see one of the most beautiful states in all the country, then we would love to have you! Our dues are a very reasonable $25 (individual) to $40 (family) per year.

Difficulty level
1 pavement ———————–10 impassable for a B level enduro rider